Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday edits

It’s not a good day for Governor Blanco on the state’s editorial pages. The Shreveport Times observes the governor got a late start promoting her legislative agenda. The Advocate blames the Revenue Estimating Committee’s discovery of millions of dollars for the governor’s difficulties. John Hill suggests opposition to the governor in this legislative session might, on some issues, be about more than party politics. Despite all the analysis, one question remains unasked: Whose fault is it the governor set expectations so high? Promises of reform, a “new day” in Louisiana, and summits to address the state’s most difficult issues paved the way for these expectations. Now Louisiana’s citizens are just looking for results. To assert in a backhanded way, as does John Hill in his column today, that the governor’s difficulties are the result of Republicans who just want to see the Democratic governor fail is ridiculous. It’s as ridiculous as the national Republican party’s assertions that the Democrats want to see the United States fail in Iraq. The fact is that if the governor were succeeding in meeting the expectations she set in the campaign to win office she would be getting well-deserved kudos for a job well done. That she has failed to rein in state spending, despite much rhetoric to the contrary, isn’t any political party’s fault. It’s certainly not something any sane resident of Louisiana wants to see. The old adage is true: A rising tide does lift all boats and it’s in everyone’s best interest for the governor to succeed in her efforts to raise that tide. Unfortunately, as today’s editorials suggest, she’s not meeting the expectations she herself set.