Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Who's left behind?

Last week the Education Trust released a report entitled “Getting Honest About Grad Rates.” Press release here. Link to report here. The Washington Post reported on it Friday. The New York Times had an editorial about it yesterday. As of Monday evening, no Louisiana media has reported on it at all. And here’s analysis from the Weekly Connect for Kids update (available here) which had a blurb about the report suggesting that states are manipulating the graduation rates mandated by No Child Left Behind. Connect for Kids writes, “A new analysis finds that some rates reported for the 2002-03 school year were likely too high—possible evidence that states are taking advantage of lax enforcement in this area. Three states—Alabama, Louisiana, and Massachusetts—did not report the data at all, another seven states failed to break down the data to show separate graduation rates for certain groups of students, such as those with disabilities, from low-income families, and from various racial and ethnic minorities. Although some states are making strides in correcting graduation reporting, others are ‘playing the numbers,’ according to the Education Trust, which compiled this report.” (Emphasis added by me.) See earlier posts on this blog for past evidence of Louisiana’s educational performance, despite high marks on accountability. When Louisiana doesn't report the numbers, it's hard to know who's being left behind.