Saturday, July 30, 2005

Space station Mars?

The space shuttle lifted off safely earlier this week. But concerns about the safety of the crew, the nagging issue of foam breaking off and NASA's subsequent decision to ground future shuttle flights have tempered the moods of those who were excited about getting back to space. So here's a fun diversion from the space shuttle mission and Louisiana-centric concerns about the fate of the Louisiana facility that makes the foam. There's a group of scientists preparing for life on Mars. In a column in today's New York Times, John Tierney writes about a group in the Arctic practicing for life and research on Mars. Tierney's column includes links to that project and others. Those links are below. The Mars Society website has details about the independent project Tierney mentions today. The Haughton-Mars Project website has details about a separate research endeavor, this one apparently funded with federal monies. Finally, Tierney refers readers to a book titled The Case for Mars. If this isn't the kind good stuff that could keep you surfing the web all day for more information, then I don't know what is.