Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Veto defies common sense

My column this week comments on Governor Blanco's recent veto of HB 415, a bill that would have eliminated one of Louisiana's many election dates. Explaining her veto, Governor Blanco issued a statement: "House Bill No. 415 by Representative Mike Powell would eliminate the third Saturday in January of any year as an election date for voter consideration of bond, tax or other propositions." "A fundamental part of our governments in this country is for the citizens as voters to decide how they will be governed. The elimination of one of the customary election dates appears to be a move away from this principle. After conferring on the merits of the bill, I am not convinced that the case has been made for elimination of this election date. For this reason, I am vetoing House Bill No. 415 and returning it to the House of Representatives." The Times Picayune reported on the decision as did the Advocate. The Shreveport Times condemned it. The bill's sponsor has also spoken publicly about it, in the Shreveport Times and in a letter to the editor in the Baton Rouge Advocate. It's unlikely the governor's decision to veto a piece of common sense legislation will be forgotten any time soon.