Monday, August 08, 2005

Blog audiences growing

There's a new report suggesting that 50 million Americans visited blogs in the first quarter of 2005. That's 1 in 6 web surfers. The report's key findings: • "50 million U.S. Internet users visited blog sites in the first quarter of 2005. That is roughly 30% of all U.S. Internet users and 1 in 6 of the total U.S. population" • "Five hosting services for blogs each had more than 5 million unique visitors in that period, and four individual blogs had more than 1 million visitors each" • "Of 400 of the biggest blogs observed, segmented by seven (nonexclusive) categories, political blogs were the most popular, followed by "hipster" lifestyle blogs, tech blogs and blogs authored by women" • "Compared to the average Internet user, blog readers are significantly more likely to live in wealthier households, be younger and connect to the Web on high-speed connections" • "Blog readers also visit nearly twice as many web pages as the Internet average, and they are much more likely to shop online" Source: Behaviors of the Blogosphere: Understanding the Scale, Composition and Activities of Weblog Audiences, from ComScore Networks (Available here).