Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blogging the blogosphere

Early this week, Technorati released its 6-month State of the Blogosphere report. It has launched a flurry of commentary. Technorati, which tracks blogs, noted that the number of blogs has doubled in the last 5 ½ months. It's no surprise then that this week two opinion pieces ran in two different mainstream media publications both addressing the blog phenomenon. In one, the New York Times marveled at the expansion of the Blogosphere and the exponential growth in the number of people embracing the technology. The editorial noted, “Some 900,000 new blog postings are added every day - a steady increase marked by extraordinary spikes in new postings after incidents like the London bombing. The blogosphere - that is, the virtual realm of blogdom as a whole - doubles in size every five and a half months.” A day earlier, Editor and Publisher magazine had run a think-piece by an LSU professor of mass communication who suggested that the so-called explosion of blogging is just overblown hype. The E&P piece noted that many of those new blogs are orphaned (never revisited by their creators) or are actually created not by individuals seeking to exercise their right to free speech, but rather by advertising, public relations and other commercial promoters seeking to exploit the new technology. The argument is that the raw number of blogs in existence is misleading and leads to excessive media hype when in fact it might be prudent to curb enthusiasm a bit. Predictably, the Blogosphere is now dissecting all the commentary and opinions are as widespread as the number of bloggers themselves. However many people that is.