Thursday, August 18, 2005

Digital Louisiana?

The National Council of State Legislatures is holding its annual meeting in Seattle, Washington this week. Not much news yet generated by that meeting. But the conference did kick off with University of Washington's president Mark Emmert interviewing Microsoft's Bill Gates. The Associated Press has a report on the exchange. According to the AP, the take-home message was this: "Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told state legislators that harnessing the power of technology will help them serve their constituents more efficiently." It's worth noting that the Louisiana legislature was recognized in 2002 by the Center for Digital Government for the state legislature's use of technology. In 2004, however, Louisiana failed to make the list of top 25 digital states a list described as "a comprehensive study on best practices, policies and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies to better serve their citizens and streamline operations."