Monday, September 19, 2005

As if nothing happened

Today's article by John Hill is stunning for its neglect of Louisiana realities broadcast worldwide in recent weeks. One line says, "Looking back, Blanco said she would never have depended on FEMA and faults her state team for having 'a false sense of confidence' that the federal agency would respond rapidly to the national emergency." Is anyone else disturbed that this approach offers no hint of awareness that there might have been problems on the ground in Louisiana? Later the article notes, "As far as the political blame game, which she said was the work of 'talking heads' on television, Blanco said she 'didn't have time for that. We were saving lives.' The fact that the death toll is far less than had been predicted is proof that state responders and volunteers did a good job, she said." That there apparently aren't going to be 10,000 dead in NOLA is evidence of a successful state response? Anyone who watched any coverage of Katrina in recent weeks can recognize the illogic in that reasoning. The question is whether the people of Louisiana will buy it.