Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blame enough to spread around

The Washington Times doesn't limit its condemnation of the response to Katrina to Louisiana's governor. This editorial also goes after FEMA for its "dysfunctional performance." Here is the meat of that editorial (emphasis added by me): "In an interview on CNN's "Paula Zahn Now," three-and-a-half days after Katrina made landfall, Mr. Brown insisted that the federal government in general and FEMA in particular had no idea until that very day that tens of thousands of New Orleans residents and tourists had assembled at the city's convention center. "Sir, you aren't just telling me you just learned that the folks at the convention center didn't have food and water until today [Thursday], are you?" Mrs. Zahn asked incredulously. "You had no idea they were completely cut off?" "Paula, the federal government did not even know about the convention center people until today," Mr. Brown said, ever so matter-of-factly. With that reply, he confirmed the enormous size of the disaster that was the federal response.