Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A city's unusual immobility

In today's Washington Post, Anne Applebaum hones in on the reasons so many people were left in NOLA. She writes (with emphasis added by me): "In New Orleans, as we now know, the numbers who didn't evacuate were multiplied dramatically by the city's unusual immobility: Some 57,000 households in Orleans Parish did not own a car. A University of New Orleans study published in July noted that only 48 percent of the inhabitants of Orleans Parish had a definite evacuation plan..." "The interstates out of New Orleans were turned into one-way roads -- but there were no buses, trains or ships for those who couldn't drive. The city initially won praise for evacuating some 80 percent of 1.4 million area residents, but no provision -- in the form of rations, water bottles, security -- was made for the 25,000 people who showed up, predictably, at the Superdome, the city's designated "shelter of last resort."