Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Consequences of bad government

From the "bad government has consequences" file here's an opinion piece about whether to re-build New Orleans. It offers some harsh realities for Louisiana concerning the state's poor economic track record, statewide out-migration concerns and the state's failed "business as usual" approach to government. Here are a few highlights: "...Yes, we could spend whatever it takes trying to re-create the New Orleans we once knew. But why would we want to, given the other ways that money could be spent? Much of what the city offered is not worth resurrecting -- such as widespread poverty, high unemployment, a backward economy and rampant crime..." "...Much of what is worth resurrecting, such as its vibrant culture and street life, may be fatally compromised. After hundreds of thousands of people have moved elsewhere for months and taken jobs, many are unlikely to return to a city that will be even shorter on economic opportunities than it used to be..." "...Before the hurricane, New Orleans had one of the poorest and least mobile populaces in the country. You could have made a case before Katrina that the best thing most residents could do is leave for someplace with higher living standards and a better job market..."