Friday, September 02, 2005

Don't forget St. Bernard Parish

Yes, New Orleans is in crisis. But what about the people still waiting on rooftops in St. Bernard Parish in southeast Louisiana? Copied below is a plea from an evacuated St. Bernard parish resident worried about lack of attention to the critical needs in that part of the state. People are still on their roofs waiting for help. Where's the media on this? No where to be seen. This is unbelievable. Spread the word: "St. Bernard Parish residents who have evacuated to Baton Rouge are trying to organize a grass roots effort to save the nearly 2000 St. Bernard Parish residents still stranded on rooftops due to Hurricane Katrina. "Federal Agencies have abandoned relief efforts in St. Bernard Parish to focus on the relief effort in New Orleans. The people still stranded are in need of food, water, medical attention and a means of communicating. "The media has shifted its attention to the situation in New Orleans, with no mention of the escalating situation in St. Bernard Parish. We are trying to garner media attention so that we can get help to these people in need. "Please, please, please help us. Please send this information on to others so that we can have as many people aware of the situation as possible. Thank you and please pray for our people in need." Erin Englert St. Bernard Parish Resident -- Update from Erin at 12:30 Friday afternoon: She confirms she has no reliable phone contact number to which to direct questions. Anyone seeking further info from her should email her directly at -- Good news from Erin at 10:45 Saturday morning: "I just wanted to update you on St. Bernard. The situation is getting better there and the area is secure. The people there started receiving more help yesterday afternoon."