Friday, September 02, 2005

Helping the homeless

Email from a friend who runs Providence House in Shreveport. Please help if you can. --- Friends: Providence House is currently helping 59 local homeless families but will help with 50 refugee families with children for a longer term approach to help them re-order their lives. Attached is a list of what folks can do to help with this effort. This is our area of expertise and we believe we must move as many families as possible into a more stable situation in order help them re-build their lives. Providence House will then provide all the resources necessary to do this. There is one that is not on the list but will be forth coming. Ivan Smith is going to develop Emergency Furniture Start-up Packages for apartments for a specific price and will then deliver to those apartments as they become available. We are meeting with him this morning to develop a point person to call, the cost and then we will provide you the list and all the details. In additon to things we really need MONENTARY DONATIONS OF $800 a month to care for one family in an apartment setting providing rent, utilities, childcare, staff support & referrals, transportation support, employment, counseling to prepare them to re-enter a normal living situation. We will need 50 checks for $800 a month with estimated length of stay 6 months. Please earmark your check Refugee Support. Pray for the refugees and those who are volunteering and helping in the efforts. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated. Please pass this along to others who might be interested!! Blessings, Simone Hennessee President, Providence House 318-865-8360; Cell: 318-773-0423 Fax: 318-219-9896