Friday, September 30, 2005

Ineffective government

Consistent with the themes in my column earlier this week, today's Wall Street Journal has an op-ed about the failures of government. Although the piece is focused primarily on federal-level failures, it would be a tremendous mistake for Louisiana not to take heed. An excerpt from the WSJ:

Most of the time we are numb to government inefficiency (though some, like those who blamed FEMA's problems on "opposition to big government," revel in it). If it's only choking the economy and destroying jobs, well, life goes on. But with 9/11 and Katrina comes an uncomfortable reality: The same forces that have caused the deterioration of performance across the public sector, from shameful public schools to the slow ruin of New Orleans, are now eroding government's ability to perform its one, undisputed function--providing for the citizenry's personal security. I can think of one thing that shouldn't be part of the solution: more of the same.[emphasis added]