Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Louisiana context

My op-ed in today's Los Angeles Times attempts to provide context for events unfolding in Louisiana in recent days. I've been writing about socio-economic issues and government accountability (or lack thereof) in Louisiana for the last two years. Sadly, anyone who has followed these issues for any time has to admit that, to a certain degree, much of what's transpired over the last week was predictable. Only after all the survivors have been rescued will it be time to begin talking about what went wrong, when, and who's to blame. In the meantime, more background from past columns here: On Louisiana's questionable priorities On Louisiana's perceptions of itself On Louisiana's child poverty rate On Louisiana's dropout rate On playing politics with education On not funding teacher pay raises On Louisiana's indigent defense reform On lobbying the state government On governance in Louisiana On the legislative session that wasn't