Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Raising issues

Congratulations to USA Today for publishing a letter to the editor reflecting sentiments as yet unseen in Louisiana publications. Written by a lifelong resident of Louisiana, the letter raises issues some in the state might rather leave unraised: "...Our politicians' inept handling of the Hurricane Katrina crisis is one more embarrassment: "How can New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin look any of his people in the face? He knew a mandatory evacuation would leave thousands with no way out and nowhere to go. "How can Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco claim to have done all that she could, when she initially denied the Red Cross and other groups access to many people within New Orleans? She previously showed herself to be ineffective in dealing with the Louisiana Legislature. Now, she has proved herself ineffective in dealing with calamity. "How can Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., go back to Washington, D.C., whining and blaming presidential leadership, when she comes from a political family of New Orleans? "I am embarrassed by their inept responses. I am brokenhearted over the separations and the deaths..."