Tuesday, September 27, 2005


A friend reflects on the events of recent weeks:

For the past month we, of the great city of New Orleans, have been displaced, misplaced, shuffled around, bewildered and betrayed. Our family and friends have been flung to the far reaches of our nation, uprooted by devastation, destruction and despair. We have faced the unthinkable, looked into the abyss and seen what noone should have to witness. We have been forced into exile, to watch continual images of our homes and neighborhoods under water. Some of us know the grim reality firsthand and others still await reentry to see for ourselves. We are all in a state of utter purgatory; a limbo visited upon us by a woman we never really knew, but know all too well now. People say she was racist, but, to me, she was the great equalizer. She came, she killed, she destroyed..not really caring what or who was in her path, color was not her initial target. This beast of brutality took aim at us all, shattered our dreams one and all. Regardless of our social standing, our financial means and individual plights, she came and stole the dreams of a generation, blowing them to the four winds and beyond. All of us now live in limbo wondering what our futures will be. Where do we start, where do go and for some more immediate, where do we sleep. We have become the refugees of our generation, the internal exiles, the national nomads, our plight is plastered across every TV and newspaper around the globe. We are the missing, the misplaced and the misinformed. For those of us who will return, we know not the trials we will surely face; the adversity inherent in an existence we once took for granted, wonderfully and famously so. What will the new future look like, what the new face of the new New Orleans be. Will we be able to look past the myriad of scars to see what will be possible. As we return to our city, we will undoubtedly see the destruction firsthand, feel the pain up close and feel the feelings all over again. In our world of vicarious experiences, we will be the ones living the reality. We will be the ones whose lives are shattered... not some unknown village in some distant country on some far away continent. This is home and this will be home. In face of such adversity, only the truly strong will emerge to shape the future. In the face of such unknown, only will the truly devoted, rise from the ashes and build anew. And, in the face of such a daunting task, only a united force can rise to the occasion. Day by day we must rebuild. We must shutter the ill natured ways of old. We must take advantage of the opportunity to make things right...for all of us. No longer will the corruption and careless nature of our history be sufficient as the foundation of our society. No longer can we sit idly by while our future is shamelessly guided by personal agendas. Our future is now and we must respond to the call of a new day. We must begin again with care in the city that care forgot. We must unite where we were once divided and we must be strong for each other. As history is our guide, we will rebuild As life is a lesson, we must learn and as change is constant we must embrace it and overcome Together, we will rebuild our great city! Jonathan Ferrara Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 841 Carondelet Street New Orleans, LA 504.522.5471 gallery 253.399.1649 fax www.jonathanferraragallery.com