Monday, September 26, 2005

Report from Jennings

A friend reports in from Jennings, LA a town in Rita's path.

In Jennings. Total darkness everywhere except... WalMart of course. Say what you may about it, but it has provided comfort to thousands since Rita hit. People like me. I have been here since 6am... and I was about the 300th person in line. They have the only lights in town. Anyhow, everyone is in total darkness and it is hot. Trees and branches are everywhere. I counted seven big old oak trees uprooted, and thankfully only two landed on a house. I was in Slidell Sunday and people had fear in their eyes as Katrina has taken a toll. You can easily tell an evacuee from a regular. The latest flooding in New Orleans was the final straw for many people thinking about going back. Took forty five minutes to get gas last night. A truck with generators came by last night and sold 100 of them in thirty minutes. I will find that guy today as we finish cleaning up my mother's and my grandfather's house and yard. Thankfully, no looting here. My sister works for the electrical coop and surveyed Lake Charles and Cameron. As you may have seen on tv, they will be without power for weeks. It is strange to see military helicopters in your hometown and personnel in tents at your high school. Gotta go... WalMart just opened their doors.