Saturday, September 03, 2005

School info for evacuees in Texas

The Texas Education Agency opened a hotline to answer education questions arising from Hurricane Katrina. The toll-free number will be staffed throughout the holiday weekend. The number is 1-800-957-5109. Additionally, a special TEA website has been set up to collect hurricane-related information in one location. The new website is available as a link off the main agency website ( Those who wish to donate school supplies may email information to --- Texas Federation of Teachers is providing info/assistance in getting evacuated children enrolled in Texas schools. Numbers below: Houston Area: 281-847-3050 Dallas Area: 214-942-4663 Austin Area: 512-472-1124 San Antonio Area: 210-225-7174 If you are not in one of the areas listed above, call the statewide toll-free number for AFT hurricane evacuees at: 1-800-222-3827. Callers will be put in touch immediately with local TFT affiliates in the area where they have taken refuge so that coordinated assistance can be provided locally. ---