Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Update: VOA North LA

Here's an update on the activities of VOA in north Louisiana. Please note their needs. All phone numbers are area code 318 unless otherwise indicated. -- Here's an update on our efforts to serve those relocated by Katrina. We thankfully received many donated goods today and over the weekend and we are in the process of inventorying and organizing them at the Volunteers of America Highland Center. Becky Cooksey, board member, has generously volunteered to help with this task. This is now a really big and immediate task so helpers are really,really needed. Anyone wishing to help with this task, please call Becky, 865-7020, or Brandy, 221-8404, Ext 318 . SHE WILL NEED YOUR HELP! We are also in need of a dentist to see two adults. If you know of a dentist that could see these individuals right away, please call Brandy, 221-8404 Ext 318. We are receiving additional staff and guests from our Volunteers of America New Orleans office and they will be served by our Magnolia House and Gateway facilities. Noel Memorial United Methodist Church is preparing dinner and entertainment for our "guests" on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This is very kind and helpful. We know our guests will love the meal and it also gives them a chance to get out of their new living arrangements for a short time and enjoy an evening out. Marilyn Gallagher's Sunday School Class, Harris McClamrock, from First Presbyterian Church, passed the hat and collected $162 for use at our Highland Center location in addition to other acts of kindness. We seem to be doing well on donated items as of today, but we can still use cash donations, made payable to Volunteers of America of North Louisiana, so please let others know. Lisa Brandeburg Vice President of Communications and Development Volunteers of America of North Louisiana 318-221-2669 Ext 205 www.voanorthla.org