Tuesday, September 06, 2005

When the water recedes

Advice for what to do when the water recedes -- from a friend of a friend who's been through it: -- For those of your friends that are dealing with a some water in the house you may want to forward... it may not be entirely applicable for people whose house was severely flooded for a week or more because the house will simply be bulldozed; but for those that were 'surged' it may be helpful. For those with a leaky roof it definitely is applicable. Quick Summary: Here is a very quick summary of needed actions after a flood, hurricane, or other water damage. 1) Get a dehumidifier to dry out the building as soon as practical. 2) Wear a dust mask to minimize inhaling spores once mold and mildew start growing. 3) Get any stuff washed into the building out of the building (sand, mud, boats, etc.) 4) As soon as possible after a flood: Remove any wet drywall, and wall-to-wall carpet. 5) Disinfect non-porous surfaces with a mixture 1qt (new) bleach and 1 oz TSP with 3 qt water. 6) Toss anything porous that you really do not need to minimize the amount of work needed to clean up the remaining mess. 7) Disinfect porous items with Microban Disinfectant Spray Plus. Encapsulate construction materials after using Microban with Unsmoke Unsoot #2. 8) Other issues: Replace electrical fixtures, outlets and switches that were wet.