Sunday, September 04, 2005

The world sees failed response

From a blog in Sagam,Kenya, reposted at the Times Pic forum. Excerpt here: "...Because of Tanya [a Kenyan med student at Tulane] and the wide international media coverage that the disaster has attracted globally, the people of Sagam have tracked the relief efforts with interest, despite poor communication. And in doing so, the villagers have discovered two important things: One - the absolute similarity in the pathetic official response between New Orleans and Liberia, Sudan, Somalia and Haiti. It must have been authored by the same script writer. Two - it is not about lack of resources. It is all to do with leadership and the value we all attach to human life, irrespective of color, class or creed. Sagam Village has learnt that if today, we were to be made 'rich' by pouring millions of dollars in international aid but were inhumane or lacked the leadership to spend it on the right priorities at the right time, we would not be any better. Just like the people of New Orleans, Sagam would remain submerged in poverty and with some people perched on grass-thatched roofs for many weeks to come. God bless New Orleans for ripping off the cover, removing the mirage and showing us what the real needs of this planet are."