Monday, October 24, 2005

Actions have consequences

Kudos to the Times Picayune which today slams the state bond commission for its antics last week. The editorial states:

Louisiana's finances, in short, are in horrific shape. And in these difficult times, members of the Bond Commission, which is supposed to prevent reckless spending of public money, have completely taken leave of their senses.
My only concern with this editorial is its implication that the bond commission is acting irrationally, like someone who has "taken leave of his senses." A more cyncial interpretation of last week's vote would suggest it was a sane, coldly calculated decision to continue promoting business as usual in the state. Either way, it was a pathetic showing for Louisiana -- especially in the same week Team Landrieu, Governor Blanco, and others were defending Louisiana's way of doing business to all in Washington who would listen. One thing's for certain: Actions like last week's bond commission vote have consequences. And for Louisiana's already shaky national reputation, the timing couldn't have been worse.