Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Quickly & dramatically?

Today's Advocate reports the governor's chief of staff, Andy Kopplin, spoke to state lawmakers and the Baton Rouge press club yesterday. Replying to criticism about the administration's post-hurricane response, Kopplin assured the audience:

You will see substantive leadership on the part of the state... We are making progress. Action is coming quickly and dramatically. You will see it.
A few thoughts in response: --It's been six weeks since Katrina. More than two weeks since Rita. How exactly does the administration define quickly and dramatically? (The speed with which the governor apparently called for troops post-Katrina suggests the administration abides by unusually lethargic definitions of both "quick" and "dramatic.") --Mississippi has demonstrated "substantive leadership." Louisiana hasn't. --Promising leadership and demonstrating leadership are two entirely different things. Perhaps that's why, as Rep. Danny Martiny noted in the Advocate piece, "'We are getting absolutely obliterated' in the national media."