Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Update from FFLIC

From Families & Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children:

Friends and Allies: We owe you all an update and we'll get it out just as soon as we can. The short of it for those who dont know is that FFLIC quickly relocated to Lake Charles/Sulphur after Katrina hit in order to continue with the work we felt we needed to do. When Rita came along, we all had to evacuate again. Our staff is scattered again. We are not allowed back into either parish to work. Gina, Kori and Xochitl are travelling and sleeping on friends and familiy's couches. Gina returned last week for the first time to see the damage of her home in New Orleans - both the city and her home, she says, are devastated. Grace, our Lake Charles organizer did get home but is now without electricity and is standing in 3 hour lines for ice, gas and food. Many of our members were hit hard by Rita as well. And that is actually why we wanted to send this quick request for help out today. Some people on this list have mentioned wanting to donate clothing and other items. Marcy, a parent coordinator for FFLIC from Lake Charles (and an amazing outreach worker and organizer) returned from evacuation to find 2 tree in her home. It is lost. She had no insurance. The hotel where she was staying was going to put her and her husband out just a few days ago because they couldnt pay. FFLIC was able to help out from our fund (your donations - thank you!) and will continue to assist her in finding and affording housing. But she and her husband have an immediate need for clothing. If anyone would like to send some clothing to help out a long time FFLIC member, we would really appreciate it. All packages could be sent to: Marcy Tweed Pinevile Days Inn 11 Lord of Lords Ave Pineville LA 71360 She is in 2x for shirts and 1x or 2x in pants and she wears a size 8 shoe. Her husband is in 34 pants, XL for shirts and 11 shoe. Thank you - anybody who sends a package if you could just email a quick note letting me know, that would be great. We know she will be at this address for a week and a half longer. Be in touch soon and with so much thanks and respect, Xochitl, Gina, Grace, Kori FFLIC