Monday, November 07, 2005

From rhetoric to action

Quick thoughts on the opening of the special session: It's easy to deliver a speech promising leadership, fiscal control and reputational improvement. But it's quite another to deliver on it. The next 17 days will determine whether there's any daylight between rhetorical flourishes and political realities. Things to watch: State officials allowed to profit from recovery contracts? No way. Fiscal responsibility? Where was fiscal responsibility and leadership when the state bond commission approved $45 million in new spending a couple weeks ago? Elimination of liability for law enforcement re: prisoners? Not if it extends to excusing human rights abuses. Last night the governor said, "We all know that this recovery is not a sprint. It requires endurance and commitment from all of us. " Indeed. Commitment to the principles laid out in the governor's address is something many hope to see for weeks, months and years ahead. But right now I'm just hoping to see it last the next 17 days.