Thursday, June 01, 2006

Press for ethics legislation

In a move likely to leave the rest of the nation shaking its head (people are indeed watching), the Louisiana legislature has killed a bill that would have banned the gruesome practice of cockfighting. But the legislature still has a chance to do something positive on another matter by allowing an up-or-down vote on HB 1236. HB 1236 is an ethics bill that would prohibit an "elected or state-appointed official or immediate family member of such an official or entity in which any of them have a substantial economic interest from seeking or entering into certain contracts arising from a gubernatorially or presidentially declared disaster." Passage of HB 1236 bill should be a slam dunk and it could be a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing legislative session. Don't let something like this happen again. Why isn't HB 1236 being called for a vote? Call your representative (find out who that is here) and ask.